Forklift Certification – How To Get Certified Now

If you are looking at getting a forklift certification then you will need to learn the lingo of the industry. We hope to provide you with the information you will need to get certified.

Forklift OperatorPowered industrial trucks, commonly called lift trucks or forklifts, are used in warehouses all over the country to move, raise, lower, or remove materials. The operators of these forklifts are present in every warehouse from coast to coast and primarily go unnoticed. However the task of becoming certified to operate this machinery is in the forefront of the safety industry. Those hoping to become Certified Forklift Operators must meet a series of standardized written and practical test set forth by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. As the overseer of the standards, practices and everyday performance of forklift operators, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has put in place testing standards that all seeking to operate a forklift must meet. Training will utilize video, group discussion and hands-on practice to ensure that all future operators are performing at a set standard.


Potential forklift operators must obtain the knowledge and skills needed to do their job correctly and safely. Anyone seeking to become a certified forklift operator must meet a series of standardize test set forth by OSHA, starting in the classroom. As part of the classroom training a potential operator will be taught the different types of forklifts. Training will include measurements that affect safety, vehicle rating, individual features, basic functions and the physics of each type of forklifts. Students will learn the forces that cause tipovers, safe operating procedures and load lifting safety. Potential operators will learn how to recognize safety hazards and what to do if a problem is discovered during the pre-operational checkouts. Load handling, procedures for raising and lowering heavy loads and movement safety are covered intensively to insure students understanding the safety element associated with operating a forklift. Students will learn how to calculate maximum load capacity as well as measurements that affect safety. Potential operators will also be required to demonstrate a clear understanding of these and several other knowledge based requirements in the form of a written test in which they must score an OSHA required minimum score of 70%. Qualified forklift training centers will not only teach the skills needed to operate various types of forklifts properly, but will also include an OSHA approved safety course that teaches the requirements necessary to operate this piece of equipment to OSHA standards.


Certified Forklift OperatorUpon successfully passing the classroom phase of training potential forklift operators will then move on to the practical phase of training. Here potential operators must demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom in a practical environment. Students will be required to successfully perform a pre-operation inspection of their forklift. They will learn battery charging, tank components and fueling procedures. Safety procedures and concerns will be reviewed and serious injury potential will be emphasized. A review of operating procedures and load lifting safety will be graded. During this phase of training potential operators must demonstrate their understanding of safety procedures and their ability to operate each type of forklift safely. Students will be put through a series of tests to demonstrate that ability before they can get their forklift certification. They will be required to perform various maneuvers with and without a load and demonstrate safety techniques. They will load and unload materials in a mock warehouse environment. They must apply what they have learned during the classroom phase all under the watchful eye of an experienced operator. After exhibiting the skills required to operate a forklift safely and displaying an understanding of potential hazards and safety concerns the student will immediately be awarded an Occupational Safety and Health Administration Forklift Certification. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration Forklift Certification is valid for two to three years, depending on the state in which it was issued. Prior to expiration all operators must renew their certification by attending a recertification course approved by OSHA.


After completing an OSHA approved forklift training course operators looking for employment as a forklift operator will be certified yet again by a potential employer. At this stage operators are not required to attend classroom training, however a practical certification will be required. OSHA certified operators will again be put through a series of test displaying their ability to operate a forklift safely and their awareness of safety hazards. In the end, if you are looking to get certified in forklift operations, then you can generally find many employers who will offer you work.