Sample Driving Test For Forklift Operators – A 20 Point Safety Checklist

The following can be used as a driving test of sorts for forklift operators. When evaluating whether or not an operator should be certified at your facility to drive a forklift, use these 25 key points to address their level of safety.

Safety Checklist For All Forklift Drivers

1) Does the forklift operator understand the different ways to control the lift? Do they understand the instrumentation panel and are they familiar with all controls?
2) Does the forklift operator provide proper signals when turning?
3) Does the forklift driver slow down or stop at intersections when it is appropriate?
4) Does the driver utilize their horn at intersections and obey all signage?
5) Is the driver aware of rear end swing when turning the lift?
6) Was aware of, and yielded to pedestrians?
7) Did the forklift driver approach their intended load at the right angle, right speed, and with safety in mind?
8) Did the driver lift and maneuver their load appropriately?
9) While moving their load, did the driver carry it at the proper and recommended height?
10) While dropping the load, did the driver lower the load slowly and smoothly?
11) Was the load balanced properly?
12) Were the forks of the lift completely under the load that was carried?
13) Were the loads placed in the correct area by the driver? (usually marked)
14) Were the loads stacked properly?
15) Did the driver park the forklift correctly?
16) Were the forks down and on the ground while parked?
17) Did the forklift operator place the brake on the lift when he/she exited the lift?
18) Did the operator turn the power of the lift to the “off” position?
19) Did the forklift driver perform a pre and post inspection of the lift while using it?
20) Overall, did the operator act safe, was he/she aware of their surroundings, etc.

These twenty questions, if all are rated positively, can attest to your forklift drivers skill level and adherence to safe practices of forklift operation. This forklift driving test can be coupled with a classroom style training session to achieve forklift certification for your operation.